Philippines competing in the world’s largest floorball tournament

The Pilipinas Floorball women’s national team will be participating in the 2018-19 Storvreta Cup on 27 and 28 December 2018. Storvreta Cup is the largest floorball tournament in the world and is organized by Storvreta IBK. This is a record-breaking year for the organizers as there will be over 2,000 matches to be played in 8 days by more than 700 teams from different countries including the United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, and Belarus. The competition is scheduled to start on 27 December 2018 and will end on 6 January 2019 in the city of Uppsala, Sweden.

This is the first time that the Philippines will be competing outside of Asia. The participation of our ladies team in the Storvreta Cup is part of their preparation for the upcoming 2019 Women’s World Floorball Championships Qualifications for Asia-Oceania region to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 27 January to 1 February 2019.

After playing in the Stovreta Cup competition, our national floorball team led by Noel Johansson will stay in Uppsala until the first weekend of January for a training camp in partnership with Storvreta IBK.

The women’s team for the Storvreta Cup is composed of the following players: Atet Albano, Che Balares, Angelica Bengtsson, Jerylou Berdan, Jemarie Berdan, Grace Embile, Mimi Mabanta, Jestine Mariano, Candy Pellejera, Jade Rivera, Roxane Ruiz, Sarah Samonte, Clarisse Satuito, Denisse Satuito, Kay Toledo, and Pauline Tolentino.

It will be a great opportunity for these young players to gain first-hand experience of top floorball action in Sweden, where the sport originated and is considered to be the biggest floorball nation. This has been made possible through the invaluable support of the respective parents of the players and through the generosity of Storvreta IBK and the Swedish-Filipino community.

The team is also sponsored by our partners, Power Woman and, as well as the official Pilipinas Floorball equipment partner Fat Pipe.

You may subscribe to the following link for All Access livestream matches during the Storvreta Cup:

Here is the match schedule of our women’s team on 27 and 28 December 2018 (SWE time):

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