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PHI hammers THA, 6-5; books third IFF Men’s World Floorball Championships bid

Photo by Francis Lumahan

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Another floorball history has been made as the Philippine Men’s Floorball Team bagged the gold medal at the Men’s World Floorball Championships (WFC) – Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) Qualifiers 2024 held at the Philsports Arena on May 25. 

Defeating Thailand 6-5, the 20-man Filipino squad also secured a spot at the upcoming WFC 2024 in Malmö, Sweden. This will be their third consecutive appearance at the WFC, following their wildcard entrance in 2020 and their hard-earned spot in 2022.

It was an intense see-saw battle between the two Asia’s floorball powerhouse. Defender Simon Sicat Laraño started the ball rolling as he scored the PH’s first goal; answered by Thai’s forward Simon Johansson’s goal for an equalizer. The first period ended 2-2 with Filipino center Lucas Werelius seizing the opportunity of a penalty shot.

Photo by Gabriel Suarez

Thai defender Santipong Sukkasem restored the lead at the halfway point of the match. Team PH had numerous missed opportunities during the second period but their stone-wall defense kept their rival from scoring. Laraño made the Filipino crowd go wild when he pitched another goal, ending the period with 3-3.

Werelius sealed the deal for this exhilarating game when he scored the winning goal at the 53-minute mark assisted by forward Melvin Alm Mendoza. 

Thailand, a great rival of the Philippines in floorball, initially topped this year’s qualifiers with an undefeated record, beating the Philippines in the group stage. However, the latter got their sweet revenge this time around. Their recent championship matchup was at last year’s 32nd Cambodia Southeast Asian Games, where Thailand won gold and the Philippines took silver.

Photo by Gabriel Suarez

“[This victory] means everything because you know, the floorball community in the Philippines is [just starting to grow] and this [is] a great showcase for us— to show the sport and the intensity and the actual level of all the Filipino players. So this [is] something for us to strive for. So, [we’re] really, really happy,” shares Team Captain Lucas Öijvall Perez.

Photo by Gabriel Suarez

“Maraming Salamat po for everybody… giving us comments, and cheering for us during the tournament…it means everything. I mean, if it wasn’t [for the Filipino fans], we are nothing, right?” Perez adds.

Thailand and Australia, after clinching silver and bronze respectively, will join Philippines as AOFC teams heading to the WFC 2024 on December 7-15, 2024.


Text by Ken Russell M. Peñaflor and Anna Lourdes R. Cruz
Photos by Francis Lumahan and Gabriel Suarez

#RoadtoSweden: Meet the WFCQ 2024 AOFC Contenders

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The 2024 Men’s World Floorball Championship (WFC) Asia-Oceania Floorball Qualifiers (AOFQ) officially opened on Tuesday, May 21. All ready to break records and fight for a spot at the 15th Men’s World Floorball Championships in Sweden on December 7-15, let’s get to know the competing teams at the WFCQ 2024 AOFQ.



Clinching 13th place in WFC 2022 and 11th place in WFC 2020, the Australian Men’s Floorball Team is once again eager to reach a higher ground in the upcoming qualifiers. Despite the withdrawal of player Oscar Smith, the team remains grounded and strong with the newest addition to the team, James Watson. At present, the Aussie squad is ranked 13th in the overall IFF rankings.


Singapore was the first Asian nation to compete in the 1996 World Floorball Championships held in Sweden. With the support of the Singapore Floorball Association (SFA), the Singapore Men’s National Floorball Team proved to the world that they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Floorball. Some notable achievements of the Singapore team include winning the 2019 Asia-Oceania Floorball Cup (AOFC), securing the runner-up position in the 2017 AOFC, and becoming the champions of the 2015 Southeast Asian Floorball Championships. They are currently ranked 16th in the IFF standings.


Landing 5th at the AOFC 2019, the Japanese National Floorball Team is ready to carve out a place for themselves in this qualifier. In WFC 2022, the national team stood in 29th place, following their 15th place finish in WFC 2020. This year, they are more than determined to do whatever it takes to secure a ticket to the WFC 2024 in Sweden. 


The China Men’s National Floorball Team made their international debut at the 2017 Asia-Oceania Floorball Cup in Bangkok, Thailand. Despite being outplayed in all their group stage matches, China secured their first international victory in the classification semifinals by defeating the Philippines 3-2 in overtime. Their most recent appearance in the WFC was in 2018, where they landed the 33rd spot. Team China is eager to elevate their performance on the international stage, making them a team to watch out for.



Currently 15th in the IFF World rankings, the Philippines Men’s National Floorball Team stands tall and proud— all set to prove their greatness on their homecourt. Governed by the Philippine Floorball Association (PFA), they made their debut at the 2014 Southeast Asian Floorball Championships in Singapore while getting their first  international victory, a 4–3 win over China in July 2017. The best finish for Team Philippines so far is when they clinched the silver medal at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia. Now more than ever, they are determined to grab a spot in this year’s WFC and show the world that Filipinos can be exceptional in Floorball.

New Zealand

Committed to achieving greater heights, New Zealand will showcase their full effort in the upcoming qualifiers, eager to secure victory and advance to the next stage of the tournament. They currently hold the 22nd spot in the global rankings, with past placements in the WFC being 20th (2022) and 26th (2020) respectively. With their unwavering dedication and continuous improvement, they aim to ascend their rankings and make their mark on the international floorball stage.


Currently in the 14th spot in the IFF World Rankings, the Thailand Men’s National Floorball Team is continuously establishing its force in the sport. They won the historic and first ever AOFC of 2017 held in their homeland by defeating Singapore in the championship match, while their best WFC finish is their 13th finish in 2020. The team is organized by Floorball Thailand which has the support of the Thailand Hockey Association.

South Korea

With a track record of consistency, the South Korean National Floorball Team highlights their performance in the AOFC, achieving a 4th place finish in the AFC 2019 and a 3rd place finish in the AOFC 2017. While not traditionally known as a powerhouse in the sport, South Korea has been making efforts to establish itself on the floorball court. Their progress in international competitions and their commitment to the sport reflect their ambition to become a formidable force in the world of floorball.

Only the top three teams will advance to the WFC 2024. Semi-finals are happening on May 24 (Friday) and Finals on May 25 (Saturday) at the PhilSports Arena, Pasig City. Tickets are available online via, and via walk-in purchase at the venue. 


Text and Research by Ken Russell M. Peñaflor and Anna Lourdes R. Cruz
Photos by Gabriel Suarez via IFF Flicker here.


Philippine Floorball Association gears up as PH hosts 2024 Men’s WFCQ AOFC

On May 21-25, 2024, the Philippines, through the Philippine Floorball Association (PFA) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), is set to host the 2024 Men’s World Floorball Championship (WFC) Asia-Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) Qualification in PhilSports Arena, Pasig City. 

“We are excited to bring the best floorball talents in Asia and the Oceania region to witness top-quality live floorball performances. We aim to inspire young local clubs and players by showcasing how fun and exciting the sport can be,” said Philippine Floorball Association President Ralph Andrew Ramos. This is the third time that the Philippines has hosted an international Floorball event, after AOFC Cup 2019 in Biñan Laguna, and South East Asian Games 2019 at UP Diliman, Quezon City.

“I look forward to Filipinos enjoying live floorball action with the best players in the region. This will also serve for the team as crucial preparation for the AIMAG in November,” adds Ramos.

Headed by their captain Lucas Öijvall and guided by their head coach Noél Alm Johansson, the Philippines men’s national floorball team aim to secure a spot as one of the top three teams among the eight participating countries who will then qualify for the 15th Men’s World Floorball Championships in Sweden on December 7-15, 2024.

“[We achieve to] qualify for the World Championships in Sweden by finishing at least top 3 in the competition,” shares Ramos. The team will be on their final intensive training camp on May 13 to 15 to make some finishing refinements in their bid.

This year’s team line up consists of the following coaching staff and athletes—

Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach Noél Alm Mendoza Johansson
  • Coach Fredrik Nyback
  • Coach Daniel Skantze
  • Physiotherapist Daniel Von Knorring
  • Equipment Manager Nora Amundsson
  • Team Manager Kennet Andersson
  • Team Official Jayr Beterbo
  • Media Staff Russel Alido


  • Ludvig Hemmingberg Porral
  • Rhodell Esguerra
  • Patrik Schoultze Castrillo
  • Lucas Werelius
  • Reymon Sellgren Rapirap Ponce
  • Simon Sicat Laraño
  • John Callenryd De la Peña
  • Lucas Öijvall Perez
  • Fredrik Escabel Jeppsson
  • Holland Bernardo
  • Noah Sicat Laraño
  • Richard Sellgren Rapirap Ponce
  • Michael Hedblom Paña
  • Kim Varga Rosello
  • Mattiece Cortez Myllyperkiö
  • Simon Andersson Magistrado
  • Kristofer Jandelius Del Valle
  • Victor Lindberg Regalado
  • Melvin Alm Mendoza
  • Patrik Nessbo Lemoran

After finishing 14th at the WFC 2020 and securing the silver medal at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games in 2022, the Philippine Team is determined to make a mark again in this upcoming qualifiers.


Text by Anna Lourdes R. Cruz
Photo by Fabrice Duc ( via IFF Flicker here.

Women’s WFCQ 2019 Team Presentations, Bangkok, Thailand

Eight teams will play in the WFC Qualifications in Bangkok, Thailand. The AOFC Qualifications start on Sunday, 27th of January and last until 1st of February. As four best teams qualify to the WFC 2019 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the qualified teams are decided on January 31st.

In AOFC, the teams are divided into two groups and they will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches the teams will progress to the play-off rounds, and the four best teams will qualify. The teams placed 1st in Group A & Group B progress to the final and qualify directly to the WFC Final round. Teams placed 2nd in each group play a semi-final against the 3rd placed team from the other group. The winners progress to the 3rd placed match and both qualify directly to the WFC Final round.

Read more here about the Team presentation:

Visit the IFF WFCQ 2019 AOFC page to find more information.

Source: International Floorball Federation (22 January 2019). Women’s WFCQ 2019 Team Presentations, Bangkok, Thailand. IFF Website.

Philippines competing in the world’s largest floorball tournament

The Pilipinas Floorball women’s national team will be participating in the 2018-19 Storvreta Cup on 27 and 28 December 2018. Storvreta Cup is the largest floorball tournament in the world and is organized by Storvreta IBK. This is a record-breaking year for the organizers as there will be over 2,000 matches to be played in 8 days by more than 700 teams from different countries including the United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, and Belarus. The competition is scheduled to start on 27 December 2018 and will end on 6 January 2019 in the city of Uppsala, Sweden.

This is the first time that the Philippines will be competing outside of Asia. The participation of our ladies team in the Storvreta Cup is part of their preparation for the upcoming 2019 Women’s World Floorball Championships Qualifications for Asia-Oceania region to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 27 January to 1 February 2019.

After playing in the Stovreta Cup competition, our national floorball team led by Noel Johansson will stay in Uppsala until the first weekend of January for a training camp in partnership with Storvreta IBK.

The women’s team for the Storvreta Cup is composed of the following players: Atet Albano, Che Balares, Angelica Bengtsson, Jerylou Berdan, Jemarie Berdan, Grace Embile, Mimi Mabanta, Jestine Mariano, Candy Pellejera, Jade Rivera, Roxane Ruiz, Sarah Samonte, Clarisse Satuito, Denisse Satuito, Kay Toledo, and Pauline Tolentino.

It will be a great opportunity for these young players to gain first-hand experience of top floorball action in Sweden, where the sport originated and is considered to be the biggest floorball nation. This has been made possible through the invaluable support of the respective parents of the players and through the generosity of Storvreta IBK and the Swedish-Filipino community.

The team is also sponsored by our partners, Power Woman and, as well as the official Pilipinas Floorball equipment partner Fat Pipe.

You may subscribe to the following link for All Access livestream matches during the Storvreta Cup:

Here is the match schedule of our women’s team on 27 and 28 December 2018 (SWE time):

For more information, updates and results about Storvreta Cup, please visit their website:

PTV Sports Balita: Girl power sa PH Floorball

The Pilipinas Floorball women’s team is set for their preparations for the upcoming 2019 World Floorball Championships Qualifiers in Bangkok, Thailand on 27 January to 1 February 2019.

Source: PTV (20 December 2018). Girl Power sa PH Floorball. Sports Balita. Retrieved from

FAT PIPE is the official Pilipinas Floorball equipment partner

During the recent Men’s World Floorball Championships held in Prague, FAT PIPE and the Philippine Floorball Association (PFA) have agreed to establish its partnership in developing floorball in the Philippines, contributing to the overall growth of the sport in the Asian region. One of the leading floorball brands FAT PIPE has committed to be the official floorball equipment partner of Pilipinas Floorball.

The Finland-based company FAT PIPE represented by Sami Turtainen and PFA President Ralph Ramos sealed its partnership at the Clarion City Hotel Prague last 9 December 2018. Sharing the same values beyond competition, FAT PIPE and Pilipinas Floorball will join forces to make floorball the most exciting and accessible sport for over 100 million people in the Philippines through development projects and competition events throughout the country, including an international tournament in July 2019 and leading up to the SEA Games Floorball competition in November 2019.

This is not the first time that FAT PIPE and PFA have collaborated in developing the sport in the country. In 2017, FAT PIPE has provided additional support to the Palaro Floorball Project of the PFA. The project was initiated through the IFF Material Board grant which aims to develop local teachers to start their own floorball team in their area, particularly focusing on children ages 12 years and under. Also, the objective of this project is to push for the inclusion of floorball in the Palarong Pambansa (national school games) elementary division as a demonstration sport in 2020.

FAT PIPE will also be the official floorball equipment provider of the Pilipinas Floorball national teams starting season 2018-19.

For more information about FAT PIPE in the Philippines, please visit and like FAT PIPE Philippines facebook page here:

Floorball in the Biggest SEA Games ever

Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) Federation Council officials approved a total of 56 sports for the 30th Southeast Asian Games Philippines 2019 on Saturday. The Final List of approved 56 sports includes floorball being a Category 3 sport, together with Arnis, E sports, Jujitsu, Obstacle Course, among others.

Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) Executive Director Ramon Suzara said the SEAG Federation Council members were in Manila from November 23 to 25, where they made an ocular of the competition venues in Clark and Subic.

Suzara also confirmed the first gathering of the 11 Southeast Asian Games Chefs de Mission from November 29 to December 1. This is in time for the Philippine SEA Games One Year Countdown Celebration at the Bayanihan Park, Clark, Angeles City, Pampanga on November 30.

A time honored tradition of the SEA Games, the Philippines as host country will lead the Countdown Celebration. A series of activities, functions and gatherings will be announced leading up to the opening of the 30th SEA Games in 2019.

Read the full article here.

Source: ESPN5 (25 November 2011). SEA Games next year to include 56 sports. TV5|ESPN.

POC welcomes floorball as new NSA

The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) General Assembly held Thursday was eventful as it welcomed four new national sports associations and expelled one long-standing member. With 23 voting members and several non-voting members present, the POC went through its usual business, including reports on finances and house-cleaning measures taken by the young administration. Four new NSAs, including sikaran, floorball, tchoukball and surfing were recognized as new POC members. Each was given a chance to make a brief presentation.

Read more here.

Source: Bill Velasco (23 November 2018). “POC expels arnis, adds four NSAs”. The Game of My Life. The Philippine Star.