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Filipino-born Elite club coach in Sweden to assist the Philippine team

Source: KAIS Mora IF

Noel Alm Johansson, coach of KAIS Mora IF in Sweden, will be the assistant coach of the Philippine Men’s floorball team at the Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) Cup in Bangkok, Thailand on July 1-6, 2017. KAIS Mora plays in the Swedish Super League, which is considered to be the most prestigious and most competitive floorball league in the world. Noel with KAIS Mora won the gold medal and a couple of silvers during the last three seasons. He also led the team to win the IFF Champions Cup in 2015 against other elite champion clubs from Finland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Born in Quezon city (Philippines), Noel was adopted and came to Sweden as an infant. He started to coach floorball in 1990 and now he is coaching one of the best women’s floorball club teams in the world. It was quite unexpected and came as a sudden decision that Noel will help coach the Philippine Men’s team in the AOFC Cup. A few weeks ago the team’s head coach Peter Eriksson, who lives in Manila and who happens to also start his floorball career with Kais Mora, met with Noel and discussed with him the national team program and development work of PFA in the Philippines. Being his dream to have an opportunity to do something for floorball in his home country, he was convinced to go to Thailand and meet with the team a few days before the Cup, with the opening match against China on Saturday July 1. “It feels incredibly inspiring and exciting,” said the 47-year old Fil-Swedish coach on making a difference for the Filipino youth through floorball.

The Philippines is still aiming to win its first ever victory in an international floorball match. Noel has been discussing with Peter the plans and strategies of the team to achieve this goal. “I think it really looks good and interesting. I’m really looking forward to meeting and getting to know the players,” said Noel.

Noel expects that this trip to Thailand will be an awesome adventure and an incredible experience together with the team. But after this Cup, he hopes that this experience can make an impact to the development of floorball in the Philippines. Further, he already imagines different possibilities for collaboration work between KAIS Mora and the PFA in the future, such as team exchange programs. In relation to the national team, he hopes that this is just the beginning of his involvement in coaching the team as the Philippines aims to take part in the World Championship qualifiers in South Korea next year. Also, in two years Noel expects that floorball will again be included in the SEA Games program which will be held in the Philippines.

For more information about the AOFC Cup:

Here is the match schedule of the Philippines during the AOFC Cup (Manila time):
July 1 8:30am vs China
July 2 3:00pm vs Iran
July 3 12:00nn vs Singapore
July 4 TBA Quarter-finals
July 5 TBA Semi-finals
July 6 TBA Finals

Source: KAIS Mora IF News

Call for selection in the Philippine men’s national floorball team for AOFC Cup

Filipino floorball players worldwide are invited to sign-up for selection to the Philippine men’s national floorball team who will be competing in the upcoming Asia-Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) Cup in Thailand in late June 2017. The AOFC
is introducing this new regional championship which will be a stand-alone event, unlike in the past where it is usually held in conjunction with the World Floorball Championship (WFC) qualification events.

The Philippine men’s floorball team will be led by Mr. Peter Eriksson as the head coach for this AOFC Cup campaign. Eriksson, who together with his family has been living in the Philippines, is pleased with the fast development of the local players and is confident to improve a lot as a team before the Cup in Thailand. In order to further improve the country’s performance in the tournament, the team is open to have reinforcement players abroad who are playing in other national leagues such as in Sweden, Finland, as well as other European and Asian countries.

The AOFC will alternate from year to year from men´s & women´s competition. In 2017, as it is a WFC year for women, the AOFC Cup will be for men. In 2018, it will be for women, which the Philippines is lobbying to host in Manila. Further, the national team’s performance in the AOFC Cup is significant for the PFA’s recognition from the Philippine Olympic Committee and for the eventual inclusion of floorball in the 2019 SEA Games Manila. Thus, Filipino players from all over the world are invited to take part and have the opportunity to represent their home country.

Interested players may sign-up in this online form:

The PFA may contact you for possible selection in the Philippine men’s floorball team. For more information, please email us at