Floorball expands in the Queen city of the Philippines

cebu_2Floorball seeds were successfully planted in Central Visayas, Philippines with the launching of the floorball development program in Cebu city. The program, in partnership with the IFF and the University of Jyväskylä, started with a three-day floorball development seminar last 29th January to 1st February at the University of San Carlos North Campus in Cebu city. The goal of the seminar was to equip the school teachers of Cebu city on learning how to play floorball and how they can teach the game to school children. The second most populous metropolitan area in the country of about 900,000 inhabitants received floorball with enthusiasm and positive feedback among teachers who participated and with the students involved in the seminar.

cebu_3During the first day of the seminar, Anders Schough who was visiting from Sweden facilitated the basics of floorball including some history, skills, and rules of the game. The Huddinge IK Innebandy technical coach demonstrated and taught the basic techniques of stick handling, passing, and shooting to the participating teachers. In the afternoon, floorball was introduced to grade school students during their PE classes where they tried out playing the game. The young students had a lot of fun playing floorball and started to get excited when they knew that a floorball summer school will be held in April during the school break. Schough and his friend Robert Vrabac who are both based in Stockholm also provided some sticks, which were collected and given by players of the Huddinge IK Innebandy.


The second day of the three-day seminar provided more input and ideas for the participants on how to handle floorball practice sessions including practice planning and fitness development for the players. Finally, at the end of the seminar, two of the prominent schools in Cebu city had expressed their intention to actively promote and develop floorball in the region by including floorball in their PE curriculum at the beginning of the next school year in June. In order to support their commitment to spread the sport in Cebu city, floorball sticks and balls were provided through the IFF to University of San Carlos and Cebu International School. As a follow through of the development program after the floorball seminar, both schools have agreed to promote floorball in their PE classes during the remaining couple of months of the school year, then to offer floorball summer schools in the city in April and to eventually organize the first Cebu floorball tournament in May.


Participating teachers have also decided to come together at least once a week to practice floorball so that they themselves can continue to develop their floorball skills and game awareness. The regular practice will be headed by Janne Lindholm, a former TPS Salibandy youth coach who is now currently living in Cebu city. Together with his other Finnish compatriots based in Cebu city, Lindholm will work together with the local teachers to promote and develop floorball in the region.